Bommidayila Pulusu

Bommidayila Pulusu, may be a traditional fish curry that is grilled in lot’s of spices. it’s nice spicy and tangy/sour style that is ideal to eat with plain rice.


Bommidayila Pulusu

4  slices of fish(I used catfish, however one will use any fish of their choice)
2 Tbsp oil
1/2 Tsp ginger garlic paste(optional)
1/2 tsp fenugreek seeds
1/2 tsp mustard seeds
3/4 onions(if big), finely sliced
2-3 split green chillies
3-4 Tbsp curry leaves
2 tomatoes, chopped
1/4 Tbsp turmeric
1 Tsp red chilli powder (you will use less chilly also)
1/2 Tbsp coriander powder
salt to style
1 Tbsp tamarind extract(I used redy made)


Wash fish in running water. Marinade for 20-30 minutes with pinch of turmeric and salt.
Heat some oil in an exceedingly kadahi . Add some fenugreek and mustard seeds and let it splutter. Add ginger garlic paste, Add the onions, cook until the onions soften and switch brown.

Add some curry leaves and inexperienced chillies.  Currently add the tomatoes and let it cook until it becomes mushy. Add the turmeric and red chilli powder, Mix well. Add the coriander powder and salt. Add some tamarind extract to achieve a liquid consistency.
Let the masala simmer for a minute or 2 (till it involves a boil). currently add the fish, let it simmer on low flame for 7-8 minutes or fully done.
Garnish with some chopped coriander and serve hot with plain rice.

Bommidayila Pulusu Tips:

1) Marinating fish is optional .  However it adds a lot of style to fish.
2) Don’t add salt at a time. Keep in  mind that we’ve supplemental salt to marination too.
3) 2-3 minutes to fasten the cooking method. However detain mind fish would like terribly less time to cook and overcooked fish curry are going to be mushy and won’t style smart.

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