Chicken Curry Home Style

How to make Chicken Curry?


For Chicken Curry

Chicken -1/2 kg

Onions -2

Green chillies-6

Red chilly powder-3 table spoons

Turmeric powder-1.5 table spoon

Salt-2 table spoons

Ginger and garlic paste -2 table spoons

Garam masala powder -1.5 table spoon

Coriander leaves

Mint leaves

Fenugreek leaves (menthi)

sufficient oil


Take some oil in the pan and add onions and  then green chillies in the hot oil.

After the onions fried add chicken in it and let the chicken be cooked for a while in it.

Now add ginger and garlic paste and mix it completely until it dissolves in the chicken.Let the chicken cooked for 10 minutes.

Add garam masala powder , turmeric powder ,red chilly powder and salt and mix the ingredients completely  with the chicken.

Now close the pan with a lid for 5 minutes and add mint leaves, fenugreek  leaves and coriander leaves and cook for 10 minutes.add some water to make it as gravy.

Now your tasty chicken curry is ready to serve.

Chicken Curry provides a alot of delicious foods and makes the cooking easy. If you like our dishes ,please leave a comment and share your opinion  with us.

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