Healthy Food For Hangover

last night’s hard party and too much to drink last night’s fun has resulted in a pounding headache and a nauseated feeling well not to worry you are just one of the many. check out Healthy Food For Hangover

who has woken up with a hangover is just a severe headache caused due to excessive alcohol.

In addition to a headache, other symptoms are dizziness dry mouth drowsiness extreme tiredness and nausea a decrease in body fluids can affect the brain and the senses.

This means trouble concentrating being sensitive and irritated to light and sound you may also experience sweating flatulence anxiety and excessive hyperexcitability.

Here are some home remedies to give you a cure from the hangover.

There are often occasions where we go out and consume a little too much alcohol.

This may be soluble and fun, but often the consequences are felt in the morning.  The awful feeling you get is known as a “Hangover”.

As the alcohol begins to wear off, the liver flushes it out.

Leaving you with the usual feelings of headaches, nausea, dry mouth, sweating, hunger, dizziness, etc…

The good news is that there are natural remedies that you can use to get rid of a hangover fast.

Let’s take a look at ….Healthy food for a hangover


Take 750ml water

1 inch sliced fresh Ginger

2 Teaspoons Raw Honey

½ Teaspoon Salt

½   Teaspoon pepper

Healthy Food For Hangover


Put the water to boil and add thinly sliced ginger. Let it boil for ten minutes.

Strain this through a sieve to remove the ginger pieces, and add the salt, honey, and pepper.

Stir well and drink.

Ginger helps to soothe the stomach and contains minerals that help to restore your electrolyte balance.

The water will hydrate you, and the honey will help your liver to burn off any remaining alcohol.

The salt and pepper also boost electrolytes and helps you to feel better much faster.

Continue to drink lots of fresh water throughout the day, as a hangover usually involves a lot of dehydration.

Best healthy food for a hangover

Coconut Water

Coconut water is also one of the effective remedies for a hangover. It can quickly restore your electrolyte balance.

Healthy Food For Hangover

In the state of a hangover if you are hungry, avoid the fatty breakfast that your body may be carving.


Boil some Cabbage and slowly sip the cabbage water. It reacts fastly to the cure of the hangover.

Healthy Food For Hangover

Cabbage water contains powerful nutrients that restore your stomach and body to full working order.

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Lemon in the form of lemon tea or lemon juice can be a cure for a hangover.

Do not add sugar if you are having lemon tea but you can add sugar for having lemon juice.

The vitamin c in lemon juice effectively deals with the queasiness dizziness irritation to light and sound and muscle aches that accompany a hangover.

  • Take about a half glass of water
  • add 2 teaspoons of lime juice
  • add about 1 teaspoon of sugar
  • mix this well drink the solution slowly.
  • As soon as you wake up in the morning.

Healthy Food For Hangover

Tomato Juice

You can have some tomato soup or have some tomato juice with the lemon juice.

The fructose in tomato juice helps metabolize the alcohol in your body and gives you faster relief.

Raw fruits are also very effective for treating hangovers.


Eating an apple on an empty stomach can give you quick relief.


banana is excellent for healthy food for a hangover as they contain lots of potassium which helps to bring your system back to normal.

Mash a ripe banana and put this in a blender and to this

Add about 1 cup of milk and

1 tablespoon of honey and now you can drink this in the morning.


Always moderate alcohol consumption not just to avoid unpleasant hangovers but for your overall health is wealth.

Eat healthy carbohydrates to soothe the stomach.

When you have a plan to drink alcohol, make sure to drink water throughout the night between alcohols.

This may prevent you from having a hangover at all.

Avoid shots at all costs as these cause rapid dehydration. If you do get roped into drinking a little too much, be sure to drink 500ml of water before sleeping to avoid a harsh hangover.

Eat sensible drink sensibly and stay healthy and live a long happy life

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