Make Tomato Soup at Home


To Make a Tomato Soup we require the following ingredients:

Red tomatoes – 5

Onion       -1

Pepper     -6

Cloves      -5

Bay leaf    -1

Pepper powder-1 table spoon

Salt-1 table spoon

Corn flour -2 table spoons

Water-1.5 cups

Fried bread slices

Process To Make tomato soup :

To Make fresh tomato soup recipe, first take a pan on the stove.Now pour some water in the pan. Now add  chopped tomatoes , chopped onions ,pepper , cloves and bay leaf in it. Now close the pan with a lid and boil it for 20 minutes.

Now switch off the gas and make the  mixture to be cooled to a certain temperature. Now grind the mixture into a soupy paste by adding some water. Now filter the paste and we obtain the soup .

Now boil the soup for 10 minutes and add salt and pepper powder in it. after boiling for a while  add corn flour to make the soup thick.

Now the healthy and real tomato soup is ready to serve.If you want it more spicy you can add a little more pepper powder in the soup.

Now garnish the soup with the fried bread slices to look good. And the soup is ready to drink.


It is  a healthy soup to serve to the people who are sick.

the real tomato soup doesn’t look much red in colour as we had added water and other ingredients.

If you want to see  the soup red in colour  you can add food colour .But adding of food colour is not good for health.

Tomato Soup

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