$20 grocery challenge tips

Has this ever happened to you? You have gone for the shopping, spent your entire food budget, then realized you didn’t get what you needed to make healthy meals? How is this possible? What can you do to prevent this in the future? let us see $20 grocery challenge tips.

We southern sharing you with some tips to go grocery shopping when you’re on a tight budget.

Here are some healthy shopping tips for your family and for your budget when broken.

$20 grocery challenge
  • My first tip is to buy in bulk when you purchase your foods at wholesale prices you not only save tons of money but you also save tons of time of constantly going to the store and re-buying foods that you always buy on a  weekly basis.

Why does not get it all in one swoop go to your local wholesale store and buy foods that you always prepare always preparing the same type of protein whether it is fish chicken or salmon or something like that and then same with more foods that go in the pantry such as chia seeds my mixed nuts?

You know protein powders all of that stuff try to get it all at wholesale prices. so that you can save my time and my money each week.

  • What’s on sale when things are on sale is probably because number one they’re in season and number two they have a surplus of that item.

so they want to give it away so take advantage of those sales and make sure that you’re getting things that are in season.

  • When things are in season are usually cheaper and have more of it in the store which is why it’s always on sale so get those sales to save money when you’re doing that and you’re going to be able to eat fresher foods in the process lastly.
  • Cook everything at home. when you cook at home you are not only controlling how much you eat the calories in which you eat.
  • The ingredients that you put in your food whether it also helps you save tons of money each week by getting your food at the store and preparing it at home.
  • This helps you to get away from restaurants and fast-food drive-throughs that charge you anywhere between $5 to $20 depending on where you go.

You can all of those foods make them taste delicious and make sure that it’s healthy in less than $5 per meal.

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Foods everyone should eat

Make sure to buy your food prepare it and eat everything at home so that you can prevent all of that added extra costs when you are going out to eat those are my three tips on how to go grow through shopping on a tight budget.

Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry. Take a light snack before you go out like an apple or a handful of nuts.

Make a list, so you know what you need.

$20 grocery challenge

Choosing what’s in season can help keep costs low. If you can’t find what you need… check the frozen food aisle.

 Frozen fruits and vegetables are just as nutritious as fresh and better than canned Now that you’ve got produced, you’ll need protein for dinner.

Choose more fish and chicken rather than buying red meat. One whole chicken can be used for several meals… …like soup and tostadas. Take off the skin to make meals healthier, and grill or broil rather than fry.

If you can make Small changes in the dairy section can really add up.

The following is the sample grocery list through which you can have an idea of making a grocery list.

Carrots $1.29 – $0.25 Ibotta = $1.04

Del Monte Canned Corn $0.99 – 20% TC = $0.79

Del Monte Canned Peas $0.99 – 20% TC = $0.79

Market Pantry Breadcrumbs $1.24 – 5% TC = $1.23

Cambell’s Soup $1.99 – $0.75 TC = $1.24

Market Pantry Canned Tomatoes $0.49 – 5% TC = $0.48

Simply Balanced Organic Pasta $1.77 – 5% TC = $1.76

Goya Garbanzo Beans $0.92

Market Pantry Lentils $1.49 – 5% TC = $1.48

Market Pantry Dried Garbanzo Beans $0.92 – 5% TC = $0.91

Market Pantry Bread $1.87 – 5% TC = $1.86

Market Pantry Frozen Broccoli $0.99 – 5% TC = $0.98

Bananas $0.58

Lime $0.27

Lemon $0.54

Target Receipt $15.97 (with tax) – $0.25 Ibotta = $15.72

For example, Do not fruit yogurt which has a lot of sugar buy regular milk and plain yogurt. Add your very own fruit on top.

If you follow these healthy shopping tips your family and your wallet will thank you. Now let’s go home and cook a healthy meal.

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