What food start with E?

Let us see some food start with e.

Egg- an egg is a common food taken by the people around the world.

Eggplant- it is in purple color vegetable also called brinjal.

Eleotecnia – Art of making vegetable oils.

Empanadilla– Small, crushed cake, which is made by folding the dough on itself to cover with it the filling of sweet, minced meat or other food. Folded, usually in the form of a half-moon, of fine dough with filling.

food start with e

Eel- it is the name of the fish.

English muffin- sponge cake

food start with e

Emapanar– Wrap in egg and bread before frying.

Emu– Bird of the order of the Casuariformes, almost as large as the ostrich and similar to this one, but, exceptionally among the runners, monogamous. Its plumage is quite thin, from grayish to brown-yellowish color. He lives in plains. Its meat is similar to that of veal but less fat.

Enchilada- In El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua, rolled corn tortilla stuffed with meat and covered with tomato sauce with chili.

Endive- Smooth variety of escarole, from which the bud of tender and pale leaves is consumed.

Escargots- an edible snail

food start with e

Enfaldar- Cut the low branches to a tree so that they grow and form the upper ones.

Eleotecnia– Art of making vegetable oils.

Enchiladas- A filling of meat.

food start with e

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Ensaimada- Bun formed by a strip of puff pastry arranged in a spiral.

Epazote- Annual herbaceous plant, of the family of the pace of clean and firm land, sometimes paved, where the harvests are shredded. The small square of land for the cultivation of flowers or vegetables.

Esbajeradora- In Costa Rica, a tool used to cut banana leaves, which is composed of a very long rod with a piece of iron on one of its tips, which has an edge at the top and curvature at the bottom.

Eleotecnia- Art of making vegetable oils. Pickle. Prepare any food based on vinegar and herbs for preservation.

Escabeche– Sauce or marinade that is made with fried oil, wine or vinegar, bay leaves, and other ingredients, to preserve and make fish and other foods tasty. Food preserved in this sauce.

Escalope- Thin slice of meat, veal, chicken or fish.

Scaling- Clean the trees by removing useless branches and dry leaves. Prune the olive trees.

Escamujar- Prune a tree lightly, especially the olive tree, thinning sticks or branches, so that the fruit has better seasoning.

Escarole- Plant of the Family of the Composites, of curly and bitter leaves to the taste, that are softened depriving them of the light until they acquire a pale yellow color.

Escaza- Large saucepan used in the mill to pour boiling water.

Espeto- Set of sardines that are crossed with a rod to roast them.

food start with e

Espuerta – Species of esparto basket, palm or other matter, with two handles.

Esquiline- Sample of fruit presented by olive trees. In Chile, grape broom.
Stake or stake. Name that the newly planted olive receives. It will take many years for it to bear its first fruits and several generations of growers to make it profitable.

EstameƱa- Fabric that is used to strain sauces, jellies.

Estrelladero- Iron or copper instrument, in the form of a flat pan, with several divisions, in which two yolks can fit, which use the confectioners to make the double eggs burned.

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