How long can you go without food?

How long can you go without food? And without drinking water? What consequences can it have? When do the first symptoms of malnutrition begin to arise? Discover how long human beings can endure without eating and still alive.

Human beings need to eat and hydrate to live. That is why every day we eat food and drink water to survive and recharge enough energy to spend the days. Proteins, lipids, carbohydrates or minerals, are some of the components that we get with the different foods we eat.

However, what would happen if one day we stopped eating? How long do people endure without eating? Keep reading and we’ll tell you.

How long can you go without food and water?

People with malnutrition can suffer serious health problems, even die if they do not consume the necessary nutrients that you give us the food we eat. There is no time limit that a person endures without eating, although there are theories that offer an approximation.

Some studies say that the human body is not able to endure more than 40 days without eating. There are stories of people who have survived because of survival or hunger strikes. Therefore, it is said that people can endure up to 60-70 days without eating food.

It should also be pointed out that it will depend on the person in question and the state of health in which they are. What is clear is that after 30 days failures begin to be noticed in all the systems of the body, which generates fatigue, loss of consciousness, anxiety, weakness and heart failures.

How long can you go without water before you die

Water is much more essential than food for the human body. We must remember that the human body is formed between 55% and 75% water. Therefore, you can not spend more than 5 days without drinking water, although some survivors have become more than 10 days without trying the water.

How long can you go without food

To function effectively, the body needs fluid and nutrients. Do not forget that you could compare the body with a piece of machinery.

If the body does not receive food, it will have to take from the reserves. That will permit you to conserve energy and the proper functioning of the organs.

In the first place, it will resort to the sugar that it has accumulated and then move on to the fat reserve. The more there is, the more a person will resist without eating.

Later the protein reserve will be used and finally the muscles. Somehow this explains the situation that people who spend a lot of time in fasting endure, where they end up losing all the muscle and the only thing that covers the bones is a thin layer of tissue.

In this survival without food, water, body weight and health in general play an essential role

Without a doubt, water is vital. Experts believe that a normal person can be between four and six weeks without eating anything. Other studies extend this time to eight weeks.

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An investigation into the political prisoners of Northern Ireland showed that the time without eating had lasted between 46 and 73 days.

People with a greater amount of body fat could endure fasting longer. Do not forget the important role of water. At the moment when the body does not receive enough fluid, it will stop being hydrated and begin a phase of dizziness, lethargy, and confusion, which in some cases will lead to death. Gandhi’s hunger strike is also known, which managed to survive 21 days without eating, although it took small sips of water to last longer.

In any case, the body needs the necessary nutrients daily to ensure its proper functioning.

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