Junk food vs healthy food: What to Eat and What to Avoid

The Fight Junk food vs healthy food can be seen today, the second option being the dominant one. Because junk foods have certain properties that despite providing a pleasant sensation on the palate, rather than healthy food, it is important to know that this type of food has very significant negative consequences on our body that can worsen in the long term.

Doubts always arise about what should be eaten to be healthy. Today from our blog we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a healthy meal and junk.


A junk meal is when the food does not have nutritional value, that is, it does not provide healthy nutrients.

The consumption of these junk foods leads to certain diseases such as hypertension, overweight, cholesterol, etc.

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A healthy meal is when it provides essential nutrients and energy that the body needs.
Comparative tables and information on healthy and junk food

Doubts always arise about what should be eaten to be healthy. Today from our blog we are going to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of a healthy meal and junk.


Fast food can be a convenient solution to make a meal quickly without spending a lot of money, however healthy food is better to maintain your weight, get the right amount of essential nutrients in your diet and stay healthy.

You can eat healthy for less than it costs to eat fast food with proper planning and a little time spent preparing and cooking your food. Below we will present the differences between fast food and healthy food.

Difference between healthy food and junk food for class

Junk FoodHealthy foods
They harm our body considerably.They provide the necessary conditions so that the organism is in its best state.
They cause overweight or obesity and cause heavy digestion, as well as the generation of other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer or diabetes, high cholesterol levels, hypertension, etc.It provides the energy and nutrients necessary for one ensuring your good nutrition and healthy weight.
It contains a high level of saturated fats and high sugar levels.Disease prevention
It causes nutritional deficiencies.It influences mental and emotional health.
Junk food vs healthy food


Fast food tends to be high in fat, grains and added sugars, which increase energy density or calories per refined gram. Eating many energy-rich foods increases the risk of obesity. Healthy foods, on the other hand, include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy products, and lean protein, which tend to be lower in energy density.

A low-energy diet helps you lose weight because you can eat more foods with fewer calories, so you will be less likely to overeat because of hunger, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Part of the problem with fast food is that the high amount of fats and added sugars increase the calories they contain, without providing the essential nutrients. This means that fast food is relatively poor in nutrients. A study published in the “Journal of the American College of Nutrition” in 2004 found that people who ate fast food would eat fewer nutrients, so choosing healthy foods is the best way to increase nutrient density, or nutrients per calorie, from your diet.


While eating healthy foods may decrease the risk of health problems such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes and certain types of cancers, fast food can have the opposite effect. A study published in the “European Journal of Clinical Nutrition” in December 2013 showed that fast food consumption increases the risk of metabolic syndrome, in part because of increased triglyceride levels.

Another study, published in May 2012, found that those who ate junk food had a higher risk of being obese than those who did not eat fast food or rarely consumed this type of food.

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Fast food can be cheaper than healthy diets, however, you can plan a healthy diet that includes low-cost foods that allow you to save money compared to a fast food-based diet. A healthy diet based on generic, frozen and whole foods is cheaper than buying fast food at each meal.

Dairy products and vegetables are the most expensive items in a healthy diet, followed by meat and fruits, but you can also develop a plan to purchase all these foods for a lower cost.

That is why we must emphasize the importance of eating healthy food instead of the opposite, taking into account its nutritional characteristics and positive consequences in our body, unlike junk foods.

The positive effects that healthy foods provide us are visible in the table above, as well as the negative effects that junk food provides. So we can conclude that poor nutrition affects and destroys our body, while good nutrition is the opposite, contributes to improve and keep our body functioning. That is where its importance lies. L os foods that are a poor diet in contrast to healthy foods.


A healthy meal consists of including fruits and vegetables, with whole grains and meats. When you go to a fast-food restaurant, you can look for healthier options, which tend to be grilled or baked instead of fried foods.

Start with a soup based on broth or salad with low-fat dressing, since these are low in energy density and will help you be satisfied, then take a small portion of food instead of a large portion. Vegetarian options are usually healthier than meat-based dishes, as long as they are not fried.

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