What is healthy food in McDonalds?

Usually when we hear “McDonald’s”, few things come to mind: fast food, Happy Little Box, Big Mac, Ronald McDonald or even french fries. Let’s check out healthy food in McDonalds.

These days, however, the restaurant chain of the yellow arches could also mean “changes in the menu”.

The chain makes sure that its “daily food” is committed to making changes that make a positive transformation for its consumers. As a result, McDonald’s has made several changes to its menu for several years.

Seasonal fruits (such as apple or orange pieces) or a choice of low-fat products. La Cajita Feliz still comes with chips, but you can also choose fruits or yogurt.

Other recent changes include kale, spinach, red leaf lettuce and carrots in their salads. They also include cow’s milk, not treated with rBST, an artificial growth hormone; and chicken McNuggets without colors or artificial flavors or preservatives.

Calories at McDonald’s menu

McDonald’s also offers a friendly nutrition calculator on its website that allows you to easily add and subtract components of your food to see how, for example, small potatoes will give you the nutritional value of the food (230 grams and 1.5 grams of saturated fat). Or how not to eat bacon in an Egg McMuffin will impact the amount of sodium in the food.

Healthy food in McDonalds

Apart from improvements in the menu and on the website, the chain’s options are somewhat limited, particularly when you eliminate red meat and processed meats. Therefore, some of our favorite options are mentioned in more than one category.

McDonalds salads

For example, when you only have two main salads to choose from and one includes bacon, you don’t have many varieties to choose from.

So you will hear the Southwest salad with roasted chicken several times with small variations.

What is healthy food in McDonalds

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The same goes for Egg McMuffin (which is not available all day) and the combination of fruits and yogurt, which are constantly at the top of our nutritionist’s list.

What is healthy food in McDonalds

On drinks, stay away from those that have sugar (even hot ones) and opt for a bottle of water or a McCafé Latte with nonfat milk.

And when it comes to milkshakes, don’t be fooled by “the small sizes”: a small strawberry milkshake will give you 74 grams of sugar or 18.5 spoons. That is three times the amount of sugar recommended for a woman in one day and twice the limit for a man.

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